about as relevant and intimate as you could get a piece of art.... it is a vital piece of music.... I can guarantee that you will come out of the other side a changed person.” - Dave Franklin

— dancing-about-architecture.com/

This is a highly recommended album that achieves something not many artists dare to do, explicitly tell a story. ” - Noah Penza

— freshoutofthebooth.com

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Revel In Chaos Logo

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Album Cover

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Artwork fom the Album

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'Drawing Blood' is a concept album exploring the world experienced by a troubled teenager during potentially the worst week of his life. He is battling between the person he wants to be and the boy he needs to be to get by in a tough school, ADHD and difficult homelife. 

'Revel In Chaos' is musician, songwriter and secondary music teacher Christian Tebbutt. During lockdown, Christian wanted to bring to light many of the issues surrounding mental health in young people in an accessible format that would resonate with those affected.

"I grew up with undiagnosed ADHD until I was 16 and REALLY struggled through school. The only subject I felt I was any good at was music and without that I don’t know what I would have done" says Christian.

Christian has gone on to enjoy a successful career in music including as a vocalist on Elbow's critically acclaimed album ‘Seldom Seen Kid’ live at Abbey Road and singing on other well known recordings as a backing vocalist. He has also composed music for theatre, documentaries and short films. However, now working as a secondary school music teacher, Christian continues to see the issues faced by young people with mental health issues and ADHD, particularly young men.

"I work in Devon at a Secondary school where I see and hear the struggles of young people that are grappling with their mental and physical health for a variety of reasons." 

"I have wanted to make this album for a long time but lockdown gave me that opportunity. It is also at this time I feel isolation could have exacerbated these problems, or even created issues that weren’t there before, so understanding that it is ok is more important than ever."

Featuring the vocal talents of the truly gifted young actor, Charley Harcombe as 'Jake', and the wonderful and ethereal Shaz Godfrey as 'Mum', whom Christian cannot thank enough! 

Christian wishes to use the album to raise money for a Charity who's tag line is;


"Children should not have to face mental health problems alone’


There is NO set price to download, you name your price so you could download it for free if you like, I just ask you then pass on the message to others you think need, or would want to hear it!